Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Navigating The Legal System Alone

Homeowners across America continue to struggle and  fight for their homes  in every City of the United States of America.   While homeowners seek for help and assistance from our Government Agencies, Representatives and Public Officials , the  Banks continue to push Citizens out of their homes without challenge and  opposition.  The Court System is broke and can not handle the wave of cases they face.

In case you don't know, Criminal cases, such as murders, rape and  battery take priority over Fraud and Illegal Evictions.  The Banksters know this very well. They enjoy the unlimited financial resources they have and pay  top dollar Attorneys to  fight homeowners and steal their homes.   This problems  are not publicized  at all.

Homeowners left to fight alone
The Obama Administration and the 50 State Attorney's General  have turned their backs on helping homeowners when it comes to "Legal Representation".  Advocates have asked that "Legal Representation" be part of settlements with Banks and so far they have closed their ears to our requests.   The banks  are full aware of this and knowing that,  they have rolled and pushed families out into the streets without challenge. 

Again, homeowners have  become victims of the system that is supposed to protect  them.   Lets not  forget,  "Homeowners pay for the  Justice System to operate and to uphold Law in this Country", yet they can not get a fair shake when it comes to Justice.

Again we ask, why tax payers have  to pay for the sins of the Banks?  Why do we have to "Bail them out"? Why are victimized Homeowners not given free Legal Assistance to have fair and equal representation when fighting their cases?

More is expected
The Hawaii State Bar Association announced today of a program allowing their young attorneys assist homeowners in their legal affairs with their homes. That is good, but not enough.

Government Agencies, Elected Officials  Attorney Generals and Bar Associations need to step up and help victimized homeowners.  We need a Legal System that is Just and Equal to all.  It's time to do  the right thing in the name of Justice.

Hawaii State Bar Association's young lawyers to hold legal clinics for public

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